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NBA 2k (Eスポーツ)の賭けについて

About the NBA 2k series

The NBA 2K series is a video game that realistically reproduces the historic basketball (NBA) released by the Japanese game company Sega in 1999. Since 2005, we have been developing under our own brand called 2k Sports. Its popularity is just like the NBA, with the support of many fans from all over the world due to its true NBA-like reproducibility and unique storyline. Every year, the highlight player of the season decorates the cover of the game cassette, and the in-game evaluation to evaluate the player is very accurate. There are several game modes in the game, such as a quick match where you can play a match immediately, my career mode where you are one of the players, and my who will become the manager of the team of your choice and strengthen your aim to win. It is a game that you can enjoy a lot such as team mode. Limited editions are also available, and are packed with elements that will tickle the hearts of fans, such as in-game basketball shoes that are only available in the limited edition.

NBA 2k Esports

What is NBA 2K esport?

NBA 2k esport is the NBA 2k version of e-sports that has recently become popular in Japan. In the NBA 2k series, in addition to the tournament that decides the strongest game player every year, it is an in-game tournament in which teams owned by the official NBA team fight in-game. At present, 21 out of 30 teams are participating. Players who are active in this esport will be selected from those who are playing the game and will compete in numerous competitions.
When you become a player, the NBA invites you with pretty good treatment. If you are interested, please check
This site has detailed instructions on how to apply for a player.

Betting on NBA 2k Esports

As I’ve explained, the NBA 2K Eports industry is very hot now and is expected to become even more popular in the future. According to the official website, it is predicted that more than 500 million people will watch the game next year. Along with that, a site was created to anticipate and bet on the game.

How to choose a betting site

The first important thing is whether the site is reliable. No matter how good the magnification is, if the site is a fraudulent site and the money is not returned, you will lose the money for free before you win or lose. As with any type of gambling site, it’s important to bet on a well-proven and reliable site. In addition, a lot of data is released in advance to decide which team to call, so it is necessary to carefully read and refer to it. Last season, the X-Raptors Uprising GC took the lead with all wins, followed by X-Jazz Gaming, who was aiming for the top 14-2. However, there is a draft every year, and the strength changes depending on the draft, so it is necessary to read such information carefully.
This is the page that describes the draft of the NBA 2k official site. Excellent players from all over the world gather every year, so it looks like we can see a very exciting game next season.
It is certain that the Esports industry will be excited in the future, so why not pay attention to the trends and find your favorite team and have fun.

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