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NBA 2020-21シーズン展望

The 2019-20 NBA season ended with the Los Angeles Lakers victory. Although I was forced to hold an irregular event due to the new corona infection, I managed to reach the final, but the problem caused by the corona excess is affecting the upcoming 2020-21 season.

NBA Aiming to Open with Audience

The NBA is currently aiming to open a new season with spectators. However, the number of people infected with the new corona in the United States is still increasing. In other words, the situation hasn’t improved since the NBA spent more than 15 billion yen to build the quarantine facility “Bubble” to continue the league. The NBA and the Players’ Association have reached an agreement in principle at the opening of the NBA on December 22, but it is still unpredictable whether the opening can be done as planned.

NBA Teams

Introducing leading teams

Even in such a situation, as a fan, I cannot help thinking about the coming new season. Therefore, I would like to introduce here the leading teams of the new season.

  • Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers, the champion team who finished the league match with the highest winning percentage at the conference and won the playoffs, finals and all of them. Anthony Davis , the team’s top scorer, and LeBron James, the team’s absolute ace, have renewed their contracts and will be the top candidates for the new season.
  • Denver Nuggets: The Lakers showed the difference in power in the playoffs, but the young players are at the center of the team and the new seeds will be back with further growth. In particular, Jamal Murray, who is only 22 years old , recorded a personal best average of 18.5 points last year. He showed an activity approaching Nikola Jokić of Ace.
  • Miami Heat: It was a surprising breakthrough in last season’s heat, but it was a well-organized team centered around Jimmy Butler. We have also extended the contract with Bam Adebayo and aim to come to Makido in the new season.
  • Toronto Raptors: The Raptors lost to the Celtics in the playoffs while finishing the league with the highest NBA win percentage. Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol have been transferred, but succeeded in extending the contract with Fred VanVleet. Aim for the top again.

Featured rookie

Finally, let’s touch on the rookie of interest. It’s James Wiseman, C, nominated by the disappointed Golden State Warriors as a trump card for a resurrection that has fallen to the bottom of the earth. If he can control the rebound, Stephen Curry’s three points will reignite.

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