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FIBA アジアカップ2021予選

Window 2 of the FIBA ​​Asia Cup 2021 qualifying was scheduled to be held in November 2020, but due to the influence of the new Corona, some games of Group B, Group C, Group F, and Group A to which Japan belongs will be held. It has been postponed. Due to the change in the hosting of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the scheduling of the Asian Cup itself is currently uncertain. However, some groups have managed to hold the event by using an isolation facility called a bubble, and the people concerned should continue to make constant efforts to establish the tournament.

Although it is the Asian Cup qualifying in such a situation, I would like to introduce the teams and players to watch here with the meaning of wishing for the continuation of the tournament.

Fiba Asia Cup Groups

Featured team introduction

The Asian Cup qualifiers are divided into 6 groups, each group with 4 countries. In other words, it is a tournament held by all 24 teams. Among them is China, the champion of the 16th Asian Cup championship, who is in Group B, the same as Japan. Including Iran, who has won the Asian Cup three times in recent years, has shown stable strength. We will introduce these strong teams based on the qualifying results so far.

  • China: China has shown its strength in the Asian Cup with 16 wins, which is far ahead of other countries, but it has not played a single match so far due to the spread of the new corona infection, which is the fastest in the world. However, the ability is of course with origami. Former NBA player PF Yi Jianlian is still alive and well. Guo Ailen, who leads the team, is now at the age of 27 and is in the mature stage.
  • Iran: Iran, who entered Group E, has completed four qualifying matches and is currently in the lead with 3 wins and 1 loss. However, in Window 2 the other day, Syria suffered a historic defeat. There is no doubt that it will break through the qualifying, but it is necessary to further inspire former NBA player and core player C, Hamed Haddadi.
  • Philippines: The old-timer Philippines, who is currently the leader of Group A with three consecutive victories. Keep an eye out for the team’s top scorer, SG, Thirdy Ravena , who plays in Japan’s B League .

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