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The Japan men’s basketball team, whose participation in the Tokyo Olympics has already been decided depending on the host country frame. Although we will face the Olympic Games since the 1976 Montreal Games without fighting a tough qualifying, the Japanese national team is still receiving a lot of attention. That’s because this team is said to be the “strongest ever”.

Introducing members who are touted as the strongest in history

The domestic team will hold a training camp in November 2020, so let’s introduce the strongest representative players while referring to the convened members.

  • Rui Hachimura (PF): No explanation required, the current main player of the Japanese national team. As he enters the second season of NBA at Washington Wizards, he is still 22 years old and has a large growth margin, and will support the Japanese national team for the next 10 years.
  • Yuta Watanabe (SF): I haven’t won a formal contract yet, but I’m a talented player who is about to enter the third season of the NBA challenge. Last season, the success rate of outside shots improved significantly, and it is expected that the offensive power will increase further this year.
  • Yuki Togashi (PG): Japan’s immovable command tower. Characterized by speedy play, he won the B League Most Valuable Player Award in 2019.
  • Daiki Tanaka (SG): The main player of Alvark Tokyo who achieved the first two consecutive final titles in B League history. It features a stable play in all.

Battle for naturalized players

According to FIBA ​​regulations, only one naturalized player can be registered for an international match. And now, three excellent players are fiercely competing for that one slot. Let’s introduce those three people.

  • Nick Fazekas (C): A player with an attractive height that the Japanese national team does not have. The track record as a representative player is the top.
  • Ryan Rossiter (PF): A very high level all-rounder. It is also attractive to be able to hit 3 points.
  • Gavin Edwards (PF): An all-rounder similar to Rossiter. He is a player who boasts high physical ability and excellent defensive ability.

These three people are difficult to compare, but in the end you have to choose someone. What style will the Japanese national team choose? This will change the players selected.

Towards the Olympics

It is arguably the strongest team of all time, the current Japan national team, but even so, the difference with the world is wide. In the world ranking announced by FIBA, it is ranked 40th as of May 3, 2020. The World Cup in 2019 also ended without a win. In order to shock the world at the Olympics, it will be necessary to improve both one rank and two ranks from now on.

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