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Game features

You can freely operate the character with virtual putt, and you can choose between PvE (player vs. environment) to relive the original animation and PvP (player vs. player, a type of internal battle between two or more players). Players can be organized regardless of team high school, and you can choose your favorite character and arrange the team. Each character’s specialty is expressed by skill.

Synopsis and characters

The main character, Sakuragi Hanamichi, is expected to have good physical ability suitable for a basketball, and Haruko Akagi recommends joining the Shohoku Basketball Club. Hanamichi, who fell in love with Haruko at first sight, joined the club for her purpose, but soon she was inspired by the spirit of basketball and demonstrated her talent. In the basketball club, Haruko’s older brother and captain Akagi Takenori (King Kong under the goal), Deputy captain Kiminobu Kogure (a good understanding of Hanamichi), Rookie Rukawa Kaede (star player and rival of Hanamichi), and later Miyagi Ryota and Hisashi Mitsui also joined.

Eventually, Ryota will be appointed as the new captain, Haruko will be greeted as a manager, and the team will challenge with Ryukawa and others who were selected as the representative of All Japan Junior as a new system for winter selection. On the other hand, Hanamichi waits for the time to stand on the court again while continuing to rehabilitate the body that was hurt in many games.

How to play on your smartphone

Use blocks to interfere with the opponent, press the rebound at the right time, press and hold the shoot button to shoot, and use the buttons for acceleration and breakthrough. When playing on the half-court, once out of the 3-point line , restart again. Even if the shot is misaligned and the ball spills, the player under the goal decides a dunk shot. You can choose your favorite character and play against it. Since the techniques that can be used differ depending on the character, it is necessary to cover unique techniques.

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