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Slamdunk Mobile Game


Game features

You can freely operate the character with virtual putt, and you can choose between PvE (player vs. environment) to relive the original animation and PvP (player vs. player, a type of internal battle between two or more players). Players can be organized regardless of team high school, and you can choose your favorite character and arrange the team. Each character’s specialty is expressed by skill.

Synopsis and characters

The main character, Sakuragi Hanamichi, is expected to have good physical ability suitable for a basketball, and Haruko Akagi recommends joining the Shohoku Basketball Club. Hanamichi, who fell in love with Haruko at first sight, joined the club for her purpose, but soon she was inspired by the spirit of basketball and demonstrated her talent. In the basketball club, Haruko’s older brother and captain Akagi Takenori (King Kong under the goal), Deputy captain Kiminobu Kogure (a good understanding of Hanamichi), Rookie Rukawa Kaede (star player and rival of Hanamichi), and later Miyagi Ryota and Hisashi Mitsui also joined.

Eventually, Ryota will be appointed as the new captain, Haruko will be greeted as a manager, and the team will challenge with Ryukawa and others who were selected as the representative of All Japan Junior as a new system for winter selection. On the other hand, Hanamichi waits for the time to stand on the court again while continuing to rehabilitate the body that was hurt in many games.

How to play on your smartphone

Use blocks to interfere with the opponent, press the rebound at the right time, press and hold the shoot button to shoot, and use the buttons for acceleration and breakthrough. When playing on the half-court, once out of the 3-point line , restart again. Even if the shot is misaligned and the ball spills, the player under the goal decides a dunk shot. You can choose your favorite character and play against it. Since the techniques that can be used differ depending on the character, it is necessary to cover unique techniques.

Japanese National Baskbetball Team


The Japan men’s basketball team, whose participation in the Tokyo Olympics has already been decided depending on the host country frame. Although we will face the Olympic Games since the 1976 Montreal Games without fighting a tough qualifying, the Japanese national team is still receiving a lot of attention. That’s because this team is said to be the “strongest ever”.

Introducing members who are touted as the strongest in history

The domestic team will hold a training camp in November 2020, so let’s introduce the strongest representative players while referring to the convened members.

  • Rui Hachimura (PF): No explanation required, the current main player of the Japanese national team. As he enters the second season of NBA at Washington Wizards, he is still 22 years old and has a large growth margin, and will support the Japanese national team for the next 10 years.
  • Yuta Watanabe (SF): I haven’t won a formal contract yet, but I’m a talented player who is about to enter the third season of the NBA challenge. Last season, the success rate of outside shots improved significantly, and it is expected that the offensive power will increase further this year.
  • Yuki Togashi (PG): Japan’s immovable command tower. Characterized by speedy play, he won the B League Most Valuable Player Award in 2019.
  • Daiki Tanaka (SG): The main player of Alvark Tokyo who achieved the first two consecutive final titles in B League history. It features a stable play in all.

Battle for naturalized players

According to FIBA ​​regulations, only one naturalized player can be registered for an international match. And now, three excellent players are fiercely competing for that one slot. Let’s introduce those three people.

  • Nick Fazekas (C): A player with an attractive height that the Japanese national team does not have. The track record as a representative player is the top.
  • Ryan Rossiter (PF): A very high level all-rounder. It is also attractive to be able to hit 3 points.
  • Gavin Edwards (PF): An all-rounder similar to Rossiter. He is a player who boasts high physical ability and excellent defensive ability.

These three people are difficult to compare, but in the end you have to choose someone. What style will the Japanese national team choose? This will change the players selected.

Towards the Olympics

It is arguably the strongest team of all time, the current Japan national team, but even so, the difference with the world is wide. In the world ranking announced by FIBA, it is ranked 40th as of May 3, 2020. The World Cup in 2019 also ended without a win. In order to shock the world at the Olympics, it will be necessary to improve both one rank and two ranks from now on.

NBA players who never won a championship



1. チャールズ・バークレー


2. カール・マローン


3. ジョン・ストックトン


4. アレン・アイバーソン


5. スティーブ・ナッシュ


6. エルジン・ベイラー


7. ジョージ・ガービン


8. パトリック・ユーイング


9. ドミニク・ウィルキンス


10. レジー・ミラー


Fiba Asia Cup 2021 Qualifiers

FIBA アジアカップ2021予選

Window 2 of the FIBA ​​Asia Cup 2021 qualifying was scheduled to be held in November 2020, but due to the influence of the new Corona, some games of Group B, Group C, Group F, and Group A to which Japan belongs will be held. It has been postponed. Due to the change in the hosting of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the scheduling of the Asian Cup itself is currently uncertain. However, some groups have managed to hold the event by using an isolation facility called a bubble, and the people concerned should continue to make constant efforts to establish the tournament.

Although it is the Asian Cup qualifying in such a situation, I would like to introduce the teams and players to watch here with the meaning of wishing for the continuation of the tournament.

Fiba Asia Cup Groups

Featured team introduction

The Asian Cup qualifiers are divided into 6 groups, each group with 4 countries. In other words, it is a tournament held by all 24 teams. Among them is China, the champion of the 16th Asian Cup championship, who is in Group B, the same as Japan. Including Iran, who has won the Asian Cup three times in recent years, has shown stable strength. We will introduce these strong teams based on the qualifying results so far.

  • China: China has shown its strength in the Asian Cup with 16 wins, which is far ahead of other countries, but it has not played a single match so far due to the spread of the new corona infection, which is the fastest in the world. However, the ability is of course with origami. Former NBA player PF Yi Jianlian is still alive and well. Guo Ailen, who leads the team, is now at the age of 27 and is in the mature stage.
  • Iran: Iran, who entered Group E, has completed four qualifying matches and is currently in the lead with 3 wins and 1 loss. However, in Window 2 the other day, Syria suffered a historic defeat. There is no doubt that it will break through the qualifying, but it is necessary to further inspire former NBA player and core player C, Hamed Haddadi.
  • Philippines: The old-timer Philippines, who is currently the leader of Group A with three consecutive victories. Keep an eye out for the team’s top scorer, SG, Thirdy Ravena , who plays in Japan’s B League .
John Wall - Russell Westbrook Trade


On December 2nd, local time, about three weeks after the opening, a trade between the big names that made NBA fans crazy was established. Russell Westbrook of the Houston Rockets and John Wall of the Washington Wizards have traded. The Wizards have also transferred the 2023 Conditional Draft 1st Round Nomination to the Rockets.

Two big NBA players

Westbrook, who plays as a PG, won the top scorer in the 2014-15 and 2016-17 seasons and was also a league MVP in the 2016-17 season. He has been an All-Star player nine times so far, representing the NFL in both name and reality. However, the NBA has made it to the finals only once in the 2012-13 season. Once again, he lost to the Miami Heat, led by LeBron James.

So in 2019, he was transferred to the Rockets, led by NFL top scorer James Harden , on a three-year contract with options, but the journey to the final challenge at the Rockets ended with this trade. is.

On the other hand, this is also a wall that has been active as a representative PG of the NBA, but its career has diminished due to the rupture of the Achilles tendon in 2019. Few players in the past NBA have regained their pre-injury play level from an Achilles tendon rupture. No matter how proud of his five all-star appearances and Wall, who was the face of Wizards, the team had to give up working with him.

Who is the winner of this trade?

From the Wizards side, it’s definitely a profitable trade. Wall is a good player, of course, but the team is accelerating the formation of another flagship player, Bradley Beal . Westbrook is attractive for his scoring ability, but he is also an excellent player for rebounds and assists. Playing to support the ace, as shown in the Rockets, will surely make the beer shine.

It’s actually unclear how much the Rockets see the Wall as a force. Because their release of Westbrook seems to be a manifestation of their intention to dismantle the team once. So the 2023 draft nomination was their true purpose. This trade is actually an event that could affect the movement of Harden, the ace. It will be judged whether this trade was successful or not, including future team building.




























すべてのバスケットボール用品で最も重要なのは靴です。マイケルジョーダンが許可されていないため、自分の靴のブランドを履くのに罰金を払ったことをご存知ですか?彼はNBAが最終的に靴をドレスコードの一部として受け入れるまでそれを行いました。彼はプレーヤーが足首の破損のリスクを防ぐために高い足首の靴が必要であることを知っていました。足にぴったりフィットし、足首をしっかりサポートし、コートで滑らないバスケットボールシューズを購入します。 1つの間違った動きは怪我につながる可能性があるので、日光浴ショーでコートで遊ぶことは避けてください。














#24仲摩 純平選手が前半のみでの18点を含む試合計20点でチームをリードしました。#11青木 康平選手は4本放ったすべての3ポイントを決めたのを含む16点、#31ロバート・スウィフト選手は13点10リバウンドで再びダブルダブル、#8ジェレミー・タイラー選手は6点13リバウンドを記録しました。

ボブ・ヒルヘッドコーチはいつものスタートの5人のうち#00バイロン・イートン選手を#9田中 健介選手に、#4ケンドル・ダーテズ選手を#20マイケル・シャペール選手に変更。ハーフタイムの時点で46対42と折り返し、第3クォーターでは29対12のスコアで点差をつけました。仲摩選手は後半の早い段階でチームがテンポにのった後は、膝の痛みからベンチで大事をとりました。






  • 福島原子力発電所の状況は現状安定傾向にあるものの、依然リスクがあると判断しています。東京アパッチ経営陣はアドバイザーや米国国務省からの情報(「米国国務省はアメリカ国民の日本への旅行の自粛を強く求め、日本に滞在しているアメリカ国民に出国を検討するように求める」3月18日)を基にスタッフの安全を確保するため、日本国内での移動を自粛し、日本人、外国人スタッフ問わず地元で待機する事とした。
  • 多くの東京アパッチ所属人員が地元へ戻る事を希望した事。
  • 東京アパッチが練習に使用している主な体育館が東北地方にて被災された方々の受け入れ施設になることから練習の予約が全てキャンセルされた事、第二の練習場であった体育館も不安定な電力供給を理由に全ての予約をキャンセルする旨連絡があった事。
  • 計画停電並びに予期せぬ大規模停電の可能性に加えて、政府、都政から電力消費量を控えるように再三の要請を受けている事。
  • 今回の危機に対応するため、文部科学省からプロスポーツ団体に関東、東北地方におけるナイター試合を控え節電に協力するように要請がなされている事。
  • チーム運営に必要な物品(移動用のバンやバスに使われるガソリン、水、氷、食料等)の使用を停止し、本当に必要としている人達に少しでも多くの物品が行き渡るようにするため。
  • • 他のスポーツ団体による活動の休止や延期。

活動を休止するかわりに東京アパッチは親会社であるエボリューション・キャピタル・マネジメントとそのオーナー、マイケル・ラーチと共同で復興支援や支援 団体への資金提供を行っていきます。この復興支援には元NBA スターであり元 東京アパッチ監督のジョー・ブライアント氏や野球界の名士ボビー・バレンタイン氏も参加し、今回の震災で被害を受けられた人々を支援する活動に100万米ドル以上(約1億円)の寄付を行うことを目指しています。